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Recent surveys in New Jersey suggest that cigarette use is high among Hispanic men (23%) and is growing quickly among young people of Hispanic origin. More
In August 05, Time Magazine reported Latino consumer spending had reached $800 billion, a market that tobacco companies have known for sometime as the hottest emerging market. More

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Proyecto Vida: Latino Deje de Fumar has developed language and culturally sensitive services to help members of the Hispanic community quit smoking. The program kicked off in January of 2006 and the response from the Hispanic community has been overwhelming.

As with many communities in the Northeast, Hispanic immigration is forcing language and culture adaptation to better serve the public health needs of its changing community. The Tobacco Dependence Program (TDP) is no exception. Located in a community that is today 50% Hispanic,
12 months ago only 3% to 8% of clients seeking tobacco cessation services were Hispanic. To live up to its mission of helping anyone who wants to quit smoking succeed, the TDP knew that tobacco cessation services would have to meet the language and culture needs of the Hispanic population.

In 2005, the TDP was awarded a grant by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to develop tobacco cessation services that were culture and language appropriate for the Hispanic community of New Jersey. In January 2006, Projecto Vida: Latino Deje de Fumar was launched to increase utilization of smoking cessation services by immigrant Latino communities in New Jersey and reduce their tobacco use and the health problems associated with smoking. It is very encouraging that today more than one-third of TDP clients are Hispanics.

Be informed. Smoking is the number one cause of preventable death in the United States today. As the numbers of Latinos in the United States continue to grow, tobacco companies are using aggressive marketing campaigns to recruit their next generation of smokers. Moreover, experimentation with cigarettes begins in the teen years and since nearly 38% of Latinos in the United States are 18 or younger; this is highly desirable demographic for tobacco companies.
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Quitting is hard.
The experts at our clinic understand that quitting is not easy. We know that smoking gets your body hooked on the drug Nicotine. When you try to stop, you can feel nervous, tense, moody, sad, hungry, and have cravings. These feelings make it very hard to quit, but with our support you can beat these feelings and quit for good!

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We see people quit smoking every day. You can quit, too! The care we give is proven to raise your chances of quitting.

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